Review – Missha All Around Safe Block Soft Finish Sun Milk

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If you’re a skincare nerd, you know the importance of sunscreen. It is the number one anti-aging product out there that can reduce future wrinkles, sagging, and skin pigmentation, and it is a non-negotiable member of my morning skincare lineup.

As someone with rosacea, I frequently look for sunscreens with zinc because zinc has been shown to reduce the redness and inflammation associated with rosacea. Zinc soaps have antibacterial and antifungal benefits that can be helpful in treating the bumps and pimples of rosacea as well. Zinc in sunscreens is one of those ingredients that tends to show up with a white cast on the skin, which is actually something I prefer because the white cast helps to even my complexion. For me, zinc sunscreens promise a one-two punch of rosacea treatment along with effective, long lasting sun protection.

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Review – Nature Republic Fresh Herb Acerola Body Lotion

Living in a cold climate does a number on my skin in the winter months. I’ve had bouts of prolonged itchiness along with skin that feels uncomfortably lizard-like. Getting into the habit of frequently using a body moisturizer is something I definitely feel I need. I purchased this lotion from RRS as a companion to a body wash from a similar line (review linked below). Both were quite cheap, so I picked them up despite not seeing reviews for either of them anywhere.

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Review – Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum

Time for another review! Hopefully I can get another one out faster than this. My goal is to produce one review a week to match with my schedule of trying out one new product per week. Gonna have to push myself to get there I think.

I bought Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum due to its popularity. Lots of people love the hydration this product delivers, and some suggest an ability to calm redness and/or irritation as well. It’s listed as a best seller on Innisfree’s website, and I’ve read enough positive reviews to make me curious enough to try it out.

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Review – Nature Republic Fresh Herb Peach Body Wash

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As I said in my first haul post, I picked this up from RRS because I had trouble finding something that I really wanted to buy. I like Nature Republic, and I was super excited at the prospect of smelling delicious peaches in the shower, yet I had not seen nor heard any reviews of this product in particular. This was a gamble purchase, and unfortunately it didn’t really pay off.

Full Disclosure: This review contains no affiliate links, and the product was purchased by me. All opinions expressed are my own and are based on my personal use and testing of the product.

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Haul – Fall 2016 Testing Block

The Haul

Here are the products I purchased to test from Sep 11-Dec 31, 2016. This was my first testing block underneath my purchase planning system, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. All of these products have been tested and incorporated into my routine now, and I’m hoping to get some reviews going. Most of these products were purchased from RoseRoseShop.


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Planned Purchases: How I Structure My Skincare Hauls

Preamble Ramble

Hello readers and welcome! For the first post to kickoff this blog, I wanted to share a system I’ve developed for myself to guide my skincare purchases. I’ve been an asian beauty convert for a few years, but it was only recently that I was able to really get into it and start trying a good amount of products.

See, I have a bit of a weird purchasing problem. Not the usual kind, though. I rarely ever run the risk of spending too much money, and I’ve never bought more than I’ve been able to use. My problem is that I don’t shop enough. It doesn’t have anything to do with money restrictions. I just don’t buy things. I internet window shop all the damn time and I make wishlists out the wazoo. But unless I make a conscious effort to actually purchase something, to have goals for how much to buy in a certain time frame, I end up eternally in ‘Ooh, I want to buy that sometime in the nebulous future’ mode. Continue reading “Planned Purchases: How I Structure My Skincare Hauls”