Product Types and Ingredients I Refuse to Purchase

There’s a whole lot of variety when it comes to skincare in Asian countries. A plethora of different steps and purposes, ranging from utilitarian to gimicky-yet-fun skincaretainment. Asia tends to walk on the wild side with ingredients as well, featuring snail mucus, horse oil, bee venom, and too many fruits, vegetables, and flowers to count.

I like to try a lot of things, and I love having a lot of steps in my routines. That said, there a few things you will probably never see me write about on this blog, and I thought it would be worth talking about what those things are and why I won’t buy them. Not everything here is strictly K-beauty territory, though, as Western products still have their no-nos. Continue reading “Product Types and Ingredients I Refuse to Purchase”

Review – Re:cipe Green Tea Cleansing Oil

Cleansing oils are something I will always be grateful to Asian Beauty for introducing me. Before that, I don’t think I was ever quite clear on how to actually remove makeup. Here in the west, two-step cleansing is not something anybody really does, and so our cleansing products center around being able to both remove makeup and cleanse the skin in a single step. In my opinion, most of them aren’t very good at that. I’ve never felt like I truly removed all of my makeup before I started oil cleansing.
Image result for recipe green tea cleansing oil Continue reading “Review – Re:cipe Green Tea Cleansing Oil”