Review – Skinfood Freshmade Apple Mask

Skinfood is always one of the first brands to come up in a discussion of wash-off masks. Their sugar scrubs and rice mask are frequently mentioned as favorites for physical exfoliation. After they announced a release of 6 new wash-off masks, I wanted to try some out to see if they lived up to Skinfood’s reputation.

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Rosacea Treatment Series Part 1 – My Rosacea

This is the first post in multi-part series I’m planning about a variety of rosacea treatments that I’ve tried. I plan to give in depth details on each treatment, what they do and why they can work for some cases of rosacea, as well as my own personal experience with each and whether or not each treatment made a difference in my condition.┬áSome posts will contain pictures of my skin┬áto show my progress with that particular treatment. Continue reading “Rosacea Treatment Series Part 1 – My Rosacea”