Review – I’m From Honey Mask

I’m a big fan of masking. I make a point of buying one new mask to try in each of my big hauls. Since I only use any particular mask once a week, there’s a lot of room to have a big variety of choice without feeling like I’m drowning in products. I would love to work my way up to having a different mask to use for every day of the week! I could do a clay mask on Sundays, alternate between a sugar scrub and a peeling gel every other week, throw in a massage mask once in a while, and do any number of moisturizing or nourishing types all the rest of the time.

The I’m From Honey Mask has been extremely popular and very well reviewed. Eventually I read one too many accounts of glowing praise before I finally caved in and plopped it into my cart. The price gave me pause, but I decided it would be worth it if my experience was similar to everyone else’s.

honey-mask-iamfrom (420x420)

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Review – Sixteen92 Summer 2017 Collection

After spending some time poking around on various indie company websites, I’ve come to have a deep appreciation for Sixteen92. There are so many things about this brand that appeal to me:

  • Extremely clean and minimalist aesthetic; witchy with elegance
  • Offers reasonably priced samples, samples are deluxe 2 mL sizes, discounts on sets
  • Releases new collections on a very predictable schedule
  • Collections are small, cohesive, and not overwhelming
  • Re-releases the previous year’s seasonal collections along with the new seasonal collection
  • Re-releases a huge amount of retired scents in an annual preorder event
  • Offers a limited subscription type service that delivers previews of all new seasonal scents throughout the year

I have completionist tendencies, and one of the things that has been bothering me about the world of indie beauty products is the amount of seasonal and limited releases without the chance to try them once they are gone. Sixteen92’s business model brought me so much relief and satisfaction with the hope that, if I really wanted to, I could probably get to try almost everything they’ve ever released. I’d love to build up a review database for this brand. That of course put me into completionist mode and now I am going to try all of their new releases for the remainder of this year, and if that goes well I’m going to try to join the Circle for next year.

All that said, let’s get started with my first experience with Sixteen92: the 2017 Summer Collection.


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Review – Tony Moly Magic Food Mango Mild Sun Block

Oh Tony Moly. How you lure me in with your packaging. There are two mango-shaped products from this brand, one being this sunscreen and the other a hand butter. I chose the sunscreen because I’m really bad about applying sunscreen on my hands, and I wanted something fun to carry in my bag that would encourage me to use it regularly.

tony moly mango 1

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Review – Skinfood Freshmade Coconut Mask

Skinfood has a reputation for some really great wash-off masks, particularly their sugar scrubs and rice mask. I got incredibly excited when they released a new range of masks, dubbed the Freshmade line, and I’ve had the chance to try a couple of them out now. The Apple Mask has been reviewed already, and the Coconut Mask was the next in line for me to try. I love the smell of coconut, and this mask made me think of smearing thick, rich coconut cream on my face, which I just couldn’t resist.


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