Review – Radius Cranberry Floss

People are really, really dispassionate about their oral care. That much becomes painfully clear every time I go in search of fun stuff to clean my teeth with. Everything is designed to be as clinical and high-performance as possible, and almost nothing aimed at adults is marketed as being luxurious, enjoyable, or even just fun. Why does the process of taking care of my teeth have to be soulless?

Finding interesting flavors of toothpaste and mouthwash is not the most terrible thing the world. Looking for stuff marketed specifically towards kids is the easiest way to find things, though there are some brands that market interesting flavors towards adults as well. Most toothbrushes suffer from what I like to call the “sport shoe aesthetic“, making it almost impossible to find a functioning product that doesn’t scream “I’m a high-powered science-y stick full of science-y performance! Look at my grippy nubs and tacky colors!!!”

Finding floss that isn’t just the standard mint is also on the same level of difficulty. I finally managed to come across this Cranberry flavored vegan floss made by Radius. Cranberry sounded much more appealing than the cupcake- or bacon-flavored gag gifts I’ve seen around, so I jumped at the chance to try this floss.

floss-cran-open_1024x1024 (690x690)

Full Disclosure: This review contains no affiliate links, and the product was purchased by me. All opinions expressed are my own and are based on my personal use and testing of the product.

What is it?

Radius Cranberry Floss is a vegan dental floss with a tangy cranberry flavor. Radius’ ad copy leans a little too far into ‘natural is best’ territory for my tastes, boasting that their flosses are “free from glutens, preservatives, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, colorings and fluoride, for your peace of mind.”

Why would floss have glutens or GMOs? Most of them are made with nylon and coated in wax. It’s like when you go to a grocery store and see products labelled as gluten free just to have the label when obviously they would contain no gluten in the first place. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth when companies capitalize on trends like that.

  • Size: 50 meters
  • Price: $7.35 CAD from Amazon Canada
  • Texture: Very soft floss lacking in a noticeable waxy coating
  • Flavor: Tart cranberry when I take a piece and suck on it, mildly sweet nothing when I’m actually using it to floss
  • Packaging: Plastic container with a flip top; the plastic is frosted and see-through, so you can see how much floss remains in the container

Picture7 (690x652)


I could not find a true ingredients list (is dental floss regulated like cosmetics?), but I was able to grab this information from Radius’ website:

  • The floss is made from nylon filament
  • It is coated in candelilla wax
  • The flavoring contains xylitol

The floss being made with nylon is not actually anything special, since most floss is made with nylon. Radius prides itself on ‘natural’ branding, and so their main line of floss is made with natural silk fibers. Silk, however, is not vegan, so they ‘decided to provide a vegan option’ which is just regular, non-natural floss fiber that they market as being something new and different.

Picture9 (689x690)


The packaging for this floss is decent. It’s got a satisfying snap enclosure, and I like that the plastic is frosted so I can see exactly how much floss is in the container. The floss is thicker than some others I’ve used before, and though it is technically waxed, it’s not coated evenly at all, and the wax is pretty dang flaky. You can see in the above picture that the wax sort of flakes all over the place; that’s what all those white specs are. As for the flavor, I can’t really taste much cranberry when I’m using the floss normally. It definitely tastes tart when I have a piece directly on my tongue, but I’m not gonna sit there and suck on the floss when I use it.


As far as performing as a flossing product goes, this unsurprisingly fits the bill. It does the job that a floss is meant to do, as in it effectively gets the stuff out from between my teeth. The floss is also pretty soft, so it doesn’t ever feel like I’m cutting up my gums like it does with some highly waxed flosses.

The only problem here is that the softness and lack of hard wax means that if your teeth are particularly tight together, this floss will shred in your mouth. I have only one space in my mouth where that’s an issue, but my fiance has a lot of very tight spaces and he would end up with lots of tiny fibers between his teeth when he used this. He did not enjoy that at all. If your teeth are extremely tight together, this floss even has a risk of breaking.

Picture11 (690x640) (500x464)

Would I Repurchase?

Hecka no. I spent the money on this because it sounded interesting and I wanted to try something new, but this product was a disappointment all around. It’s not unique enough to justify the pains of actually using it, and it’s too expensive to access it as a Canadian customer on a regular basis. If you really want vegan floss and can’t find anything else that is suitable, maybe this could potentially be an option but I cannot in any way recommend it.

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