Me and My Skin


Hello and welcome! I’m the author of this blog, and you can call me Em. I am a late-twenties Caucasian Canadian who is insanely passionate about self-care. I suffer from type 1 and type 2 rosacea with skin that is not sensitive or acne-prone, and is normal-to-dry in oil-production. I live in the Canadian prairies: that means hot, dry summers, and cold, very dry winters. Temperatures swing to extremes and humidity is low, which means I need to do all I can to keep my face as hydrated, and therefore healthy, as possible.

This Blog

This blog revolves primarily around facial skincare, with around half of my content dedicated to skincare product reviews, guides, and discussion. The other half includes all other forms of personal care products, from hair and nails, bath and body, to makeup and fragrance. I even like to write about brushing my teeth! My fantasy is to maintain a near-extravagant, whole body routine so I can feel maximally pampered as often as possible. Anything is game, and I try to explore a balanced variety of things to keep myself (and hopefully my readers) interested.

If you’re curious about the name, it’s my attempt at being clever. See, Mars and my face have at least three things in common: consistent redness, a bumpy texture, and a current severe lack of life-sustaining water. My ongoing skincare quest is to escape the Mars-like qualities of my skin. Get it?? It’s unreasonable how proud I am I came up with that.

My aim here is to be as consistent and transparent as possible. I publish at least one review per week, and three times a year I post my big hauls that detail all the beauty products I’ve purchased and will be introducing for the next 4-5 months. I introduce one new product every week to both force me to constantly try new things and prevent me from buying more than I can reasonably use. Check out this post if you’d like more information on how I plan and schedule my beauty purchases. If you’ve done the math, one new product and one new review per week means, yes, I review everything I buy. Not right away, of course: I try to keep about a 20-week delay between when I start using something and when I finish and publish a review. That means I’ve thoroughly tested and used a product, and am fully confident on whatever I might have to say about it.

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What Next?

You can always see what products I’m currently using by visiting this page here. Contact me here if you have a skincare related topic you want to ask me about. (Or if you want to chat about video games/programming, cooking, or any fantasy/science-fiction related media, I love all those things too!) Subscribe to stay updated on any new posts, and feel free to comment or drop me a message at any time.