Review – Tony Moly Tangerine Hand Cream

I have a deep burning desire to have a collection of products that disguise themselves very cleverly as an adorable bowl of fruit. Unfortunately this dream of mine is slightly unraveling as I discover that the creams inside those fantastic fruity packages are not quite what I had hoped for.

Very soon after trying the Tony Moly Peach hand cream, I of course had to add the Tangerine version to my collection. It definitely fulfilled certain expectations, and much like it’s sister product it also failed in some other expectations.

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Review – Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream

This is another entry in my love of things that look like other things. I’m not usually one to go for overly cute or gimmicky packaging, but I cannot resist the fruit-shaped allure of Tony Moly hand creams.

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Review – Tony Moly Magic Food Mango Mild Sun Block

Oh Tony Moly. How you lure me in with your packaging. There are two mango-shaped products from this brand, one being this sunscreen and the other a hand butter. I chose the sunscreen because I’m really bad about applying sunscreen on my hands, and I wanted something fun to carry in my bag that would encourage me to use it regularly.

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Review – Tony Moly Mini Berry Lip Balm in Cherry and Blueberry

In general, I’m not much for cutesy packaging. Ruffles, bows, kitten pictures, and pastel colours don’t do a whole lot for me. That being said, I’m a huge sucker for things that are made to look like other things, and I have no words to describe why they¬†make me so happy. They just do.

Ever since I found out that Tony Moly has a line of products that have fruit-shaped packaging, I’ve made it my mission to collect them. I have near-to-zero interest in their effectiveness as beauty products, I just want a collection of creams on my desk that looks like a fruit bowl. The thought of it gives me so much joy, I can’t even.

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