Review – Radius Cranberry Floss

People are really, really dispassionate about their oral care. That much becomes painfully clear every time I go in search of fun stuff to clean my teeth with. Everything is designed to be as clinical and high-performance as possible, and almost nothing aimed at adults is marketed as being luxurious, enjoyable, or even just fun. Why does the process of taking care of my teeth have to be soulless?

Finding interesting flavors of toothpaste and mouthwash is not the most terrible thing the world. Looking for stuff marketed specifically towards kids is the easiest way to find things, though there are some brands that market interesting flavors towards adults as well. Most toothbrushes suffer from what I like to call the “sport shoe aesthetic“, making it almost impossible to find a functioning product that doesn’t scream “I’m a high-powered science-y stick full of science-y performance! Look at my grippy nubs and tacky colors!!!”

Finding floss that isn’t just the standard mint is also on the same level of difficulty. I finally managed to come across this Cranberry flavored vegan floss made by Radius. Cranberry sounded much more appealing than the cupcake- or bacon-flavored gag gifts I’ve seen around, so I jumped at the chance to try this floss.

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