Review – Sixteen92 Anniversary 2017 Collection

For my next round of Sixteen92 scents, I picked up everything that was released for the 2017 Anniversary weekend. There are seven scents to review here, so let’s get to it.

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Review – Sixteen92 Summer 2016 Collection

To continue my first toe-dip into the fragranced waters of Sixteen92, I also ordered samples of last year’s full summer collection. One of the scents, Bruise Violet, was promoted to the permanent collection, while the rest were brought back as re-releases this year.

For my review of the 2017 summer collection, see this post. My review of the 2017 Anniversary Collection is coming soon, I’m just waiting on my bottle of The Cocktail Party to arrive so I can finish that one up.

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Review – Sixteen92 Summer 2017 Collection

After spending some time poking around on various indie company websites, I’ve come to have a deep appreciation for Sixteen92. There are so many things about this brand that appeal to me:

  • Extremely clean and minimalist aesthetic; witchy with elegance
  • Offers reasonably priced samples, samples are deluxe 2 mL sizes, discounts on sets
  • Releases new collections on a very predictable schedule
  • Collections are small, cohesive, and not overwhelming
  • Re-releases the previous year’s seasonal collections along with the new seasonal collection
  • Re-releases a huge amount of retired scents in an annual preorder event
  • Offers a limited subscription type service that delivers previews of all new seasonal scents throughout the year

I have completionist tendencies, and one of the things that has been bothering me about the world of indie beauty products is the amount of seasonal and limited releases without the chance to try them once they are gone. Sixteen92’s business model brought me so much relief and satisfaction with the hope that, if I really wanted to, I could probably get to try almost everything they’ve ever released. I’d love to build up a review database for this brand. That of course put me into completionist mode and now I am going to try all of their new releases for the remainder of this year, and if that goes well I’m going to try to join the Circle for next year.

All that said, let’s get started with my first experience with Sixteen92: the 2017 Summer Collection.


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